Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. ISRAEL-is is an apolitical organization that believes in the expression of Israeli culture and values through the personal and unique story of every Israeli youth, regardless of their political opinion. Whilst we receive funding from the government, our content remains independent and untouched.  

When Israelis go travelling, they connect with other young travellers from all over the world. The reality is that once these connections have been made, young Israelis will often encounter tough questions about Israel, its army and its politics. ISRAEL-is trains young Israelis and empowers them to talk about their experiences and share their stories. By understanding ahead of time the way Israel is perceived abroad and the type of questions they will receive, they will be able to respond in a more productive manner and utilize their interactions with foreign backpackers.

It is a rite of passage for Israelis to go travelling after they have finished the army. They have completed their service and travelling is the perfect way to ‘let off steam’ and to begin a new chapter in their lives. This is why over half of those released from the IDF go travelling each year for an extended period, averaging 6 months. ISRAEL-is capitalises on this phenomenon to create thousands of “ambassadors” per year.

  • To expand our workshops to incorporate other groups in Israel such as the National Service, lone soldiers and more.
  • To expand our workshops to Jewish communities and Israelis around the world, including those coming to Israel on various delegations.


Awareness Training workshops are part of the mandatory pre-release IDF conferences and so everyone who will be graduating the IDF will attend. For Advanced Training workshops, anyone who wishes to further enhance their advocacy skills can attend. For the ambassadors course, an elite group of Israelis are screened and chosen to run the field embassies abroad.

Absolutely not! It’s totally free!

The workshops take place in four key locations throughout Israel – Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beer Sheva. This ensures we have access to all parts of the country, reaching as many young Israelis as possible.

Studies show that at least 50% of soldiers travel abroad after they have been discharged. But, you don’t have to be going abroad immediately after the army to take part in our veteran workshops as we understand that people decide to go abroad at different times in their lives and so when Israelis decide to travel, they will remember our workshops.

Field activity abroad​

The activities are spread out in the main tourist areas around the world. Our activities take place in South America, Central America and South East Asia.

No, the activities are on us! There may be longer activities that are subsidized and participation in these will be subject to a nominal fee.

The main objective of the field embassies is to connect the Israelis that have undergone our training with international backpackers. Our everyday activities integrate Israeli culture and values for example: volunteering, Israeli cooking classes , pub quizzes and more. Our activities are designed to provide a platform for intimate and quality conversations between ISRAEL-is volunteers and foreigners.

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