Leaders of Tomorrow Program
Israel & Morocco

So what is Leaders of Tomorrow?

Seizing opportunity afforded by the Abraham Accords, which normalized relations, the “Leaders of Tomorrow” initiative strengthens ties between young Israelis and Moroccans while promoting values of friendship and social innovation. We believe that connecting young people from different places, based on shared history and meaningful experiences, is the best way to create and maintain true, long-lasting relationships.

We are now launching the unique and historic Israel & Morocco program. The program will allow us, as Israelis, to connect with young people from Morocco and create real cultural-social initiatives together, in order to connect more and more young people in the region.

Here Are the Details


The program will last about 20 weeks, from December 2021 to the end of April 2022, and will include four parts:

1. Opening trip to Morocco: A week where we will study and delve into the rich Jewish heritage that exists in this country. We will get to know our fellow Moroccan participants and, together, we will begin the process of joint learning and project planning in pre-assigned focus teams. Moreover, the delegation will include a festive, formal concert with nine famous Moroccan musicians from Israel, Moroccan and the United States- three from each country. Their presence will help increase awareness to the initiative and include wider crowds as future potential participants and people-to-people ambassadors

2. Five-month online program: Throughout the duration, both plenary meetings (of all 40 participants) and team meetings will take place. The series of the plenary sessions will include senior lecturers and experts imparting knowledge about our shared culture and history, and reflect on society, community, and current challenges in the region. In addition, participants will receive interpersonal tools lending expertise in the world of people-to-people platforms. A series of focus team meetings guided by mentors will enable the creation, promotion, and execution of final projects to be launched in Israel by the end of April 2022, in accordance with the work plan to be presented during the opening trip to Morocco

3. Mid-Seminar – A unique seminar will emphasize the collaboration between the organizations, with fascinating new content and training that will provide additional enrichment


4. Final delegation week in Israel: Together with the members of the Moroccan delegation, we will hold meetings and get to know Israeli society and the country’s landscapes, along with peak events and the presentation of final projects, attended by Israeli and Moroccan government officials. The musicians who participated in the December opening delegation will take part in the final event

  • Take part in a historic partnership and deepen your connection with a group of young Moroccan and Israeli leaders working in parallel fields

    Participate in unique and fascinating trips to Morocco and Israel

    Enrich your toolkit of leadership and “people-to-people” skills

    Gain experience implementing an international social-cultural initiative, guided by professional mentors

    upon program completion, participants will join the Leaders of Tomorrow Alumni Network – a community uniting young leaders from Middle East and North Africa for ongoing events and collaborations

    Students studying at an institution recognized by the undergraduate or graduate fellowship will be eligible for a scholarship (relevant to Israeli participants)

  • Opening introductory meeting of “Home Group” – 18.11.2021
  • Opening delegation to Morocco – 30.11-7.12.2021
  • Mid-Seminar of “Home Group” – 10-11.03.2022
  • Final delegation in Israel – 24-30.04.2022

  • Young adults, ages 25-35
  • Young professionals finishing their bachelor’s degree or graduates beginning their careers, who have the ability and time to attend delegations and online weekly sessions
  • People with an entrepreneurial sense, creativity, and the ability to drive processes.
  • Personable people who wish to share their story with the world by making interpersonal connections
  • Young people who want to influence their neighbors living in the region, which is emerging as the new world center
  • Young professionals with a real passion and desire to initiate, create, and promote products together with partners from Morocco. 
  • Maintain high ability to express themselves in both written and spoken English
  • French or Arabic – an advantage
  • Experience in establishing a social/cultural/SDG initiative – an advantage
  • Experience in leading projects and/or initiating processes from A to Z – an advantage
  • Attend virtual sessions for two hours every two weeks, plus two hours a week offline work during the months approaching the launch of the project
  • Full availability on the dates shown above
  1. Initial registration
  2. Application form + short introductory video
  3. Interview at the organization’s offices in Tel Aviv

Common questions

The program will be implemented in accordance with government laws and health restrictions. We will update you as to any changes or limitations that may appear later.

Undergraduate / postgraduate students studying at an institution recognized by the 

Israeli Higher Education Ministry will be eligible for a $500 scholarship.

  • Opening meeting – 18.11.2021
  • Opening delegation to Morocco – 01-07.12.2021
  • Mid Seminar – 10-11.03.2022
  • Final delegation in Israel – 24-30.04.2022
  • Five-month online program (December-end of April) – about 2 hours per every second week – plus an hour a week of ongoing work on the project. Precise details to follow.