Israel-Is Seminar for Lone Soldiers

Olim al Shorashim!

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 Meet with Israelis who share a similar story

 Explore our Jewish and Israeli Roots

Convey your message to the outside world.

Experiencing our Roots

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Illustrating Zionism

Israel-is incorporates a well rounded series of Israeli scholars who provide multiple perspectives on the history of the Zionist vision. Through Olim al Shoreshim we are depicting an image of Israel’s future within our participants.

Interpersonal Communication

 Throughout our seminar, speakers are invited to sit down one on one with us and provide the tools necessary to confidently speak about our Aliyah story.

Engaging Experiences

In our seminars we don’t like to stay in our comfort zone. So as a team we embark on adventures that bring us even closer as a group by the end of our seminar and leave memories that last a lifetime! 

show the world your israel

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meet our story tellers

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Through my experience in the military I have connected to many Israelis from all different backgrounds. I am grateful for all the amazing experiences I have gotten through the army.
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“In high school I was everyone's "Jewish friend and used whatever voice I had to spread a positive light on the Jewish nation
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I have never felt more connected to my history, ancestry, land, and nation which embody so much strength and resilience.
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There's a special bond and connection here to the people and the land that makes Israel such a special place and makes my life whole.

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What do you think of when you hear the term “Lone Soldier”? In the eyes of the public, a lone soldier is perceived as helpless, abandoned, and alone.

Israel-is is here to break that stigma. Every lone soldier that makes Aliyah is given a special opportunity to bring a piece of their past lives and contribute to the melting pot that is Israel. 

At Israel-is our goal is to guide newly released lone soldiers on a two day seminar where they step out of their comfort zone for the sake of improving their capabilities in sharing their experience in Israel with friends and family back home, along with strangers around the world.

We invite newly released lone soldiers willing to engage in our seminar. Ambitious and looking to better their understanding of Israel and themselves…

  • STEP ONE : Log on to our website! And fill out our application.


  • STEP TWO : Create a 60 second video introducing yourself 


  • STEP THREE: Meet & Greet: a short interview with the ISRAEL-IS team!


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