survived to tell

On October 7th our lives changed forever

Our mission is to spread the stories of those who survived to tell

Be the witness

Experience a groundbreaking Virtual Reality journey, unveiling the remarkable stories of five heroes who survived the October 7th massacre. Witness their extraordinary resilience and unwavering courage in the face of the unimaginable.

Our witnesses

Remo Alhuziyel

A Bedouin police officer and first responder at the Nova festival who saved hundreds of lives by taking partygoers to safety

Mazal Tazazo

Defied all odds to survive the Nova festival when she faked her own death after being badly wounded and bound up by terrorists

Millet Ben Haim

A courageous escapee from the Nova festival who hid in the bushes at the Nova festival until she was rescued

Nimrod Palmach

A civilian who defied his Commander's orders and drove South risking everything to save countless lives

Ofir Engel

A high school student who was captured from his girlfriend’s home at Kibbutz Be’eri and released from captivity after being held hostage for 54 days

Our witnesses

Developed in collaboration with StoryFile Inc. and produced by Stephen D. Smith, former Executive Director of the USC Shoah Foundation founded by Steven Spielberg, together with Heather Maio-Smith, both experts in authentic interactive storytelling supported by Artificial Intelligence.

survived to tell
on campus

Our delegations offer a face-to-face, unfiltered encounter with survivors from the tragic events of October 7th. Students will meet individuals who have overcome profound hardships and understand the importance of sharing their stories, fostering empathy, dialogue, and lasting connections.

What to expect?

Intimate Survivor Testimonies

Interactive Workshops

Round Tables

Panel Discussions

Remembrance Events

Be The Witness VR Program

Bring Them Home


Today, there are still over 130 hostages, including women, children, men and the elderly, held against their will in Gaza.

Bring Them Home delegations play a crucial role in supporting families of the hostages by facilitating essential meetings with policymakers, officials, media, and influencers to amplify awareness and advocate for the hostages’ release.

‘Mekimi’ - "Be the Witness" Visitor Center

“מְקִימִי מֵעָפָר דָּל מֵאַשְׁפֹּת יָרִים אֶבְיוֹן”

תהילים, פרק קי”ג פסוק ז


The ‘Mekimi’ Visitor Center offers a unique journey into pivotal moments of Israeli and Jewish history through immersive VR technology. Despite the area’s ongoing restoration, our center vividly brings to life the human stories of October 7th through a 40-minute experience from the perspectives of five brave survivors, fostering deep understanding and empathy.


Beyond historical exploration, the center actively supports the socio-economic development of the Gaza Strip, revitalizing the community by engaging local youth and enhancing social and educational programs.

Visit us to experience history like never before and contribute to an impactful community initiative

our impact

On October 9th 2023, just two days after a wave of upheaval swept through Israel, we launched an Instagram page under the name which aimed to unearth the harrowing and powerful stories of survivors, ultimately amplifying their voices on a global stage.


Amassing a significant following, this platform has emerged as a beacon of truth and resilience. It transcends geographical boundaries, making a profound impact worldwide and connecting with individuals by offering testimonies in multiple languages.









survived to tell
in the media

Be The Witness

On Campus

Bring Them Home

Upcoming events

Survived To Tell - On Campus #1 delegationMarch 26th - April 9th, 2024
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Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee
Survived To Tell - On Campus #2 delegationApril 9th-20th, 2024
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California, Arizona, Colorado
Survived To Tell - Be The Witness #1 launching eventMay 6th-9th, 2024
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Survived To Tell - Be The Witness #2 launching eventJune 2th-4th, 2024
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New York

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