The Team

Eyal Biram

Founder and CEO​

Eyal was an IDF officer in an elite combat unit and founded ISRAEL-is in 2017.  He is the CEO of ISRAEL-is and was listed as one of the “Forbes 30 under 30” in Israel in 2019. Almost five years ago when he was a soldier in the most recent Gaza War, he saw firsthand the way the media incorrectly portrayed the situation and the unfair repercussions it had on Israel-adding fuel to a war in which his friends lost their lives. After the war he traveled abroad and then a sequence of unplanned events unfolded that lead him to establish ISRAEL-is.

Inbar Shmuelevitz

Director of Development and Collaboration​

Originally from South Africa, Inbar immigrated by herself to Israel when she was 14. She served for 7 years in the Israeli Air Force as an Air traffic Control (ATC) officer the commander of the ATC officers course. Inbar retired as a Captain and participated in one of ISRAEL-is programs before embarking on her “big trip”. After travelling South America for 7 months, Inbar understood the importance of ISRAEL-is’s work, and the impact that personal connections can have on changing perceptions. Today at ISRAEL-is she is in charge of collaboration, fundraising, partnerships and develops programs abroad.  

Yakir Keren

VP of the organization

Yakir has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Ben-Gurion University. Since then he has held management positions in significant NGOs. In recent years, Yakir served as the Israeli representative of the JNF UK philanthropic foundation. Additionally, Yakir has served as a representative of the Keren Hayesod-UIA in Argentina. Decided to Join ISRAEL-is believing that only by emphasizing the personal Israeli story and increasing engagements between young people abroad will it be possible to create a change in how Israel is perceived in the world.

Omri Ninio

Director of Field Activity Abroad

Omri spent one year volunteering in amutat ‘Alayim’ and 3 and a half years of service in a special IDF unit. He joined ISRAEL-is because of his belief in active zionism and through the simple understanding through his own trip of the great potential that backpackers have to affect Israel. His role is running, managing and developing the ‘Field Embassy’ project abroad- creating a simple offline platform where Israeli and international travellers can meet, interact and share personal stories about their country and culture.

Rotem Sharon

Training and Content Development Director

Rotem is a B.A graduate in Political Science, Communication and Journalism from the Hebrew University. Before she worked at ISRAEL-is she was a ship commander in the navy,  worked at the spokesperson’s office of the President Rivlin and took an active part at the ‘Taglit-Birthright’ alumni community. Rotem joined ISRAEL-is as she was drawn to the idea of taking such an acute problem and giving it a simple solution by utilizing an existing platform. Today at ISRAEL-is, she gives young veterans in Israel the interpersonal communication tools to tell their personal Israeli stories to backpackers from all over the world.

Adi Wengrovski

Deputy Director of Field Activity Abroad

Adi was born in Kibbutz Zikim, in the south of Israel. Before her military service she volunteered for a year with children at a school called “HaKfar Hayarok”. In the IDF she served as a sports instructor for two years, training soldiers and commanding over officers. Adi has travelled in Australia, Asia and South America, and joined the ISRAEL-is team because of the potential impact and values of the organisation.

Amit Uzan

Director of New Media

Amit served for three years as a combat soldier in the Kfir Brigade and afterwards completed advertising and digital publishing school at “Habezefer”. Before starting at ISRAEL-is he was working in the sales and advertising field.  Amit joined ISRAEL-is because of his belief that true change comes from people and now it is our turn to make a change. At ISRAEL-is, Amit works with marketing and advertising.

Noa Ginzburg

Office Manager

Noa is a 24 years old B.A psychology student at IDC College in Herzlia.

In the army, she served as a welfare officer and course commander.

Prior to the military, she did a voluntary year of service, in a boarding school where she helped and taught children with difficult backgrounds. 

At ISRAEL-is, Noa is in charge of all logistical, back-office and management aspects of the office.