UdonoMe project


What is ISRAEL – is?

A non profit, non political organization, which gives Israeli backpackers the tools and social skills to interact and tell their own Israeli story, to improve the way Israel is perceived in the world.

The "UdonoMe" Project

A social activity platform where fellow backpackers can meet and interact based on their personal stories and experiences.

What we do

We create small volunteer teams of backpackers before they leave to their trip abroad.
Our volunteers arrive together at different locations to create day to day simple activities which form a platform for conversation and dialogue. 

We look to bring a cultural value of our own in every activity, to teach about our country and learn about others.

How does it look like?

How does it work?

Each program is divided into 3 stages:

Group leaders arrive at the hostel to step up all logistical aspects for the arrival of the Israeli volunteers

12 days of activities conducted by Israeli volunteers both in and out of the hostel.

12 days of activities conducted by Israeli volunteers both in and out of the hostel.

Exemple Itinerary

Shakshuka Cooking Class

Participants split into 3-5 teams Each team assembled from 4-6 people from different countries. One volunteer in each team who teaches how to make the dish. One hour to cook. Joint dinner.

Local Community Volunteering

Physical projects such as painting, gardening and renovations at local kindergartens, orphan homes, or weaker social economic centers. Connecting with other travelers and locals through good deeds.

Day Trip

Simple as it sounds. A one day trip to the "must see" attraction of the area. Connecting and learning with fellow travelers through a joint experience.

Shishi Dinner

A communal dinner which has become one of the most common Israeli cultural traditions. Usually taking place in a rented space/restaurant. Teaching about our culture through good food and our pleasant and welcoming tradition

Group Activity

We believe that every volunteer group has it's own unique character and talent, that of course brings forward different opportunities for creative activities which reflect with the situation in the volunteer location. We give the group the guide lines and support for creating an activity which best fits their own skill set.

Story Telling

General topic connecting all the conversations of the evening. Possible topics: Challenges of the 21st century, story-telling, saving our planet. 3 spokesman – each one presenting a 7 minute talk – "TED" style. 2 Volunteer speakers. 1 Guest speaker.

Hostel Requirements:

  • Dorm room accommodations for two volunteer teams of 5-8 people on each team
  • Two private rooms for the volunteer team leaders – for the whole duration of the preparation week and 2 sessions.
  • Ability to host two weekly activities as mentioned in the example itinerary with all logistical needs.
  • Willingness to collaborate with organizational and promotional activities needs.

Our Partners

Puerta Vieja
San-Cristobal, Mexico

Antigua, Guatemala

Cusco, Peru


Buenos Aires, Argentina


Abraham Hostel
Tel Aviv, Israel

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