Veteran Training

Phase 1: IDF Awareness Workshops 

Through our unique collaboration with the IDF, we gain access to thousands of soldiers per year as part of their mandatory pre-release training. In the workshop we provide them with an awareness of how Israel is portrayed throughout the world and an  understanding of the impact they can have in changing international travelers’ misconceptions about Israel.

The workshop also allows soon to be veterans to become acquainted with our organization so they can become involved and sign up for future workshops.

14,660 participants in 2018
19,200 participants in 2019

Phase 2: Advanced Training 

Following the soldiers’ release from the IDF, they are given the opportunity to participate in a full-day workshop before they go travelling. Here, we educate them on the media bias and assist them in building their personal stories, so they can breakdown the misconceptions the world has about Israel.

We also provide veterans with the tools for how to have a meaningful conversation about Israel and how to answer the ‘tough questions’ they are likely to receive whilst travelling. 

480 participants in 2018
1,200 participants in 2019

Other Programs