Changing Israel’s image In the world through young Israelis traveling abroad


ISRAEL-is educates and trains young Israelis who will embark on their overseas trip after completing their mandatory military service. 

Our mission is to connect these young Israelis with millennials from around the world in order to educate them about Israel, and fight anti-Semitism. 

Each interaction is an opportunity to positively influence how Israel is perceived and create a bridge connecting Israel and the rest of the world.

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Anti- Semitism is a growing phenomenon and we must combat it with a global effort. Stereotypes and prejudice usually occur because of a media bias and the fact that many people have never met an Israeli or been to Israel before. Donating to us ensures that young international travelers hear the real stories about Israel and the Jewish people, minimizing worldwide prejudices.



We educate tens of thousands of Israelis every year, before they retire their army uniforms and travel abroad, through a unique training process in collaboration with the IDF. Your donation will help us continue our work, expand our training, and open our Field Embassies abroad, promoting peer-to-peer interactions between Israelis and international travelers. These personal interactions challenge the media bias against Israel and are the most powerful tool in changing people's misconceptions.



In only two years, ISRAEL-is has achieved great success. To date, over 35,000 veterans have undergone ISRAEL-is training and we have opened seven field embassies all over the world. We need your support in order to reach more soldiers and widen our impact around the world. We are working to influence one million international travelers, in the next five years, sharing Israel's true story, and we need your help to do it.

soldiers released per year and over 40,000 go travelling after


soon to be veterans completed Awareness Training.


soldiers trained in the Advanced Training program


participants trained in the Field Ambassadors program


Field Embassies have opened worldwide

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