Our Story


ISRAEL-is aims to tap into the enormous potential of young Israelis and create meaningful encounters with young people from all over the world. In doing so, we are building strong bonds with diverse groups of people, including backpackers, social media influencers, and young people from the Arab world.

These encounters allow us to remove barriers, share our realities, and bring about a positive change in the way Israel and Israelis are perceived.

Our vision is based on the understanding that, in our world, people connect with people before they connect with ideas.

Therefore, it is precisely the authentic, personal story that has the power to connect people to Israel and bring about a better understanding between people who are seemingly distant.


ISRAEL-iswas established in 2017, after Eyal, Barak, and Jonathan traveled the world and first experienced negative perceptions of Israel. When asked about Israel, they felt they were facing a significant challenge, and when they answered – they understood what others really think of our country. That is why they decided to take action and founded ISRAEL-is!

ISRAEL-iswas established with the aim of improving Israel’s global image through Israelis themselves.

ISRAEL-is is not a distant concept. ISRAEL-is is us – young Israelis with unique stories that have the power to forge real connections between people, and through our people – to our country and with the whole world.

Our Activities

We at ISRAEL-is believe that the real Israel can only be known through a deep connection to the Israeli experience and the Israeli story. We work through many channels, including Awareness Training in preparation for post-IDF service travels abroad, the Social Media Influencers program allowing us to meet websurfers from around the world, and the Leaders of Tomorrow program that connects young people from Israel and the Arab world, together with our International Field Embassies.

ISRAEL-is enjoys a broad community of alumni and partners who share our vision, creating the foundations to build bridges for years to come.

ISRAEL-is Team

Eyal Biram

Founder and CEO

Eden Eini

Director of Training Programs

Eden Pareenty

Administrative Manager

Omer Paz

Operations Coordinator

Dina LacheIacov

Director of Development

Lior Efrati

Marketing Manager

Eden Gorgi

Influencer Coordinator

Matan Dansker

Director of Strategy and Digital Media

Adiel Cohen

TikTok Influencer Coordinator

Adi Wengrovski

Director of Social Media Influencer Academy

Matan Bar

Middle East Partnerships Coordinator

Merav Barel

Social Media Coordinator

Yishai Ben Zion

Director of International Activity

Board members

Maj. Gen. (Res.) Hagi Topolanski Board Chairman
Yodfat Harel Buchris
Yaniv Cohen
Ori Herman
Itay Ben Horin
Nadav Topolski
Keren Maximov Brandes
Ariel Rotter
Sagi Balasha
Idan Nizri

Advisory Board

Dr. Nir Boms
Orna Zamir

The Founders

Jonathan Saburai
Eyal Biram
Barak Dery