Real Peace is Made by
Real People

We at ISRAEL-is not only want to learn about history but to help create it. 

Join our historic  Leaders of Tomorrow Israel-Gulf Forum which connects young Israelis to young people from the Middle East, with an emphasis on the UAE and Bahrain. 

Seizing the opportunity afforded  by the  Abraham Accords, ISRAEL-is initiated the first-ever direct

dialogue among Israeli, Emirati, Bahraini, and Moroccan young adults with  the aim of forging true

understandings and normalizing relations among the nations  and the region’s future leaders.

The Leaders of Tomorrow initiative has already engaged over 1,500 young leaders in digital forums, bilateral delegations, collaborative social projects, and unique cultural events.

The Leaders of Tomorrow program is the first of its kind – what started with a small zoom project born out of curiosity about other nations,their cultures, and their people, has become a significant program with the opportunity to introduce young people from these countries, tour throughout the land, initiate meaningful projects, and participate in delegations. 

We believe in the power of honest and open conversations, which gives us the opportunity as Israelis, to learn about the other side, while building bridges and developing strong bonds, connecting them to our unique story. 

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What to expect:

Throughout the program, we hold several virtual meetings in shared forums, building powerful friendships and discourse that grows from week to week. As young Israelis, we have the ability to build trust and brotherhood that will enable our countries to strengthen their relations in the areas of business, research, economics, security, culture and more. When we as individuals bring our personal selves to these encounters, we are in fact laying the foundations for the establishment of a relationship that in the near future will bear fruit of deep friendship and shared success.

What you’ll receive:

  • Historical partnership and authentic connections with young leaders of the Gulf States
  • Participation in unique and fascinating journeys
  • Enrichment of leadership and people-to-people skills
  • Mentoring in the implementation of international social and cultural initiatives
  • At the end of the program, participants will join the Leaders of Tomorrow Alumni- a network that will bring together young leaders from the Middle East and North Africa
  • Students will receive an academic scholarship

Eligible candidates:

  • Young adults, ages 25-35
  • Young professionals finishing their bachelor’s degree or graduates beginning their careers, who have the ability and time to attend delegations and online weekly sessions
  • People with an entrepreneurial sense, creativity, and the ability to drive processes.
  • Personable people who wish to share their story with the world by making interpersonal connections
  • Young people who want to influence their neighbors living in the region, which is emerging as the new world center
  • Young professionals with a real passion and desire to initiate, create, and promote products together with partners from Morocco.
  • Maintain high ability to express themselves in both written and spoken English
  • French or Arabic – an advantage
  • Experience in establishing a social/cultural/SDG initiative – an advantage
  • Experience in leading projects and/or initiating processes from A to Z – an advantage

The process of joining the program:

  • Initial registration
  • Application form + short introductory video
  • Interview at ISRAEL-is office in Tel Aviv

*Registration Is Open For Hebrew Speakers Through The Program's Hebrew page